The Career Assessment Program works with individuals and their support teams to create and deliver a road map that describes their interests, learning style, support needs, and optimal employment environments so that they, and our team, can make the best possible decisions about their employment future.

Program Components:

Person Centered Planning

  • First, we interview the individual, family, guardians, and support staff to gain a better understanding or holistic profile of the individual.

Interest Profile

  • Using various assessment tools, the individual identifies their "dream" job by answering a series of occupational driven questions, which then gives us data on possible alternative careers that may be better suited for the local labor market, expected job growth, education requirements, etc.

Classroom Assessment

  • Individuals spend 90 minutes per week focused on independent or group activities that are assessed on standard criteria and competencies that businesses generally expect from employees.

Situational Assessment

  • We then schedule 3 three-four hour on-the-job experiences, or "Situational Assessments" to evaluate 21 different metrics including soft skills, hard skills, socialization, etc.

Career Planning Portfolio

  • When all the classroom and situational assessments have been completed, we then provide individuals with a full report, or "career road map", outlining the findings of the CAP and suggested paths of action to achieve career success such as training to address skills gaps, resources to assist with job readiness, and an outline of jobs to pursue based on our findings.

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Transitional Sector-Based Training Programs after Career Assessment: