In today's retail environment, some employers only hire individuals who can run a cash register even if the person is not being hired as a cashier. So we created a training program to teach our folks the skills needed to run a cash register. The program covers the following components:

  • Point of Sale Equipment (online POS, auxiliary cash register equipment)
  • Payment Options
  • US Coin/Paper Money Value
  • Uncommon US Currencies
  • Making Change Exercises
  • Verifying Age
  • Communication
  • Active Listening
  • Customer Service 101
  • Cashier Tips

Students walk away with a broad understanding of customer service, professionalism, communication, and also the technical knowledge behind operating a cash register - this includes troubleshooting equipment and replacing receipt paper, etc. The course is taught by people who have actual real-world cash register and customer service experience, as one might expect.

The program runs independently and also as a bolt-on to the Retail Training Program. To find out more about this program or get involved, please contact Vince Kelly, (603) 889-0652 ext. 141 or