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Minimize Wages.


Maximize Performance.



8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire Us for On Demand Staffing Services:

1. Superior Reliability - We provide transportation and manage daily staff numbers

2. Scalable to your needs - Talented roster of over 60 on demand staff in NH and MA

3. No Cost On-Site Training and Support - We provide site supervisors at no cost

4. No Placement Fees

5. Pre-Screening and Talent Matching

6. Improves Company Culture

7. Promotes Workplace Diversity

8. Non-Profit, Community-Oriented Agency

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Serving Southern New Hampshire, Lowell and Merrimack Valley Massachusetts for over 40 years


Our Customers:

Sample of Jobs:

Logistics/Warehouse Company:

  • Job 1: Process 96,000 items - disassemble, relabel, repackage

  • Job 2: Process 3,000 items per day - label, assemble, package, shipment preparation

Telecommunication/Mass Media Company:

  • Process 30,000 TV remote controls per month - disassemble, sort recyclable materials, shipment preparation


  • Process softlines and hardlines merchandise - unboxing, removing plastic/protective shipping materials, preparing for sales floor

Manufacturing Company:

  • Daily crew to clean and maintain manufacturing facility

For a complete list of work performed or to find out more information regarding our capabilities, please contact Mark Robillard, mrobillard@pluscompany.org or (603)889-0652 ext. 123.


The Untapped Workforce & Lean Mfg

"All lean manufacturing training begins with an introduction of the 8 Lean Wastes and how these wastes can be reduced to improve the efficiency and profitability of an organization. Some of the largest gains are achieved by focusing the organization on the Lean waste trinity of Defects, Waiting and Motion. Great potential exists through Non-utilized talent where the previously untapped skills and knowledge of individuals are harnessed and deployed to solve problems or perform new tasks. Drawing-out the true strengths and capabilities of a person, regardless of their education, experience or perceived disability, will provide tremendous development and growth opportunities for the individual that in some instances may be career or even life-changing. Successful leaders understand: that which supports the development and growth of the individual always supports the strength, capability and goals of the team and organization as a whole." -Jim Heise, Plant Manager, Specialty Coating Systems

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