What is Supported Employment?

It is defined as services that assist an individual with obtaining and maintaining employment through Career Training and person-centered approaches. The PLUS Company, Inc. delivers Supported Employment Services in the following ways:

Job Development and Customized Employment

Our Job Development team works to identify, develop and secure employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities by partnering with businesses to understand their organization, goals and specific hiring needs. We then develop hiring solutions through the flexible process of Customized Employment - whereas The PLUS Company, Inc. seeks to understand an individual's strengths, needs, interests, through various assessment tools, interviewing, internships, job shadowing, informational interviewing, and programs such as the Career Assessment Program or Sector-Based Training programs. By working with an employer to understand their hiring needs we then determine how the individual can positively impact their business through customized employment proposals, job placement, and on-site support known as Career Training, all while simultaneously meeting the career goals and needs of the individual.

The Job Developers work with individuals throughout the job search process to:

  • Create and Develop Top-notch Cover Letters, Resumes, Portfolios, Video Resumes and 'Thank You' Letters
  • Complete paper or online applications/assessments
  • Present employment proposals to potential employers and strategic marketing/networking on individual's behalf
  • Develop Interviewing Skills: Mock Interviewing, Situational/Behavioral Interviewing Techniques, Developing "elevator pitches", etc.
  • Provide On-site Employer/Individual Interviewing Support including transportation
  • Follow-up with employers on individual's behalf or coaching on follow-up techniques
  • Work with employers for recruitment, job customization, and placement
  • Coordinate Long-term "follow-along" supports

Career Training

Career Trainers provide on-site training and support for individuals on the job both short and long term. Through a process of systematic instruction, performance measurement, developing natural supports, identifying and implementing job accommodations or modifications as needed and gradually fading overtime until the individual is independent on the job has proven to be the winning recipe for success.

Systematic Instruction

Utilizing this training methodology leads to better retention rates and greater success on the job. Our Career Trainers work with the individual in the following ways:

  • Task Analysis - step-by-step breakdown of job task/duties - aligning person's learning style with training method
  • Error Correction - identify areas for improvement and address accordingly
  • Progress assessment & performance management
  • Openly communicate problems and generate action plans to resolve issues, if any
  • Deliver and fade on-site support assistance
  • Support learning, growth and independence

Situational Assessment and Internships

A great way to determine if a career path is a fit is to simply try it out. We work with employers to develop internships and situational assessments whereby we can evaluate and assess an individual's competencies on the job and vice versa - the individual can see if the job is something they want to do for the long term.

Sector-Based Training Programs

The PLUS Company, pioneers of Sector-Based Training, offer real-world career experiences through combined on-the-job training and classroom instruction in collaboration with Sodexo, St. Joseph Hospital, Lowell General Hospital, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, and UMASS Lowell. Interns develop transferable hard and soft skills, meaningful work experiences, social development, confidence building and typically land a job immediately following graduation.

In a nutshell, we ensure placements are a success by:

1. A process of discovery and understanding of both the individual and the employer

2. Making the right job match

3. Providing on-site support and training for the individual

4. Making Continuous improvements and fading support to achieve independence


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