The PLUS Company, Inc. is a valuable business partner, sensitive to the demands of the ever-changing needs of a global economy.  Our Business Services are customized to accommodate the needs of companies of all sizes from all industries. The "PLUS" Company, a non-profit (501c3) serving individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries, is an acronym which means People Learning Useful Skills - which is exactly what we aim to do by providing Sector-Based training programs, learning opportunities and experiences as well as Career Planning through a Person-Centered approach. We've been in business for over 40 years so we know a thing or two about employment training, placement, on-the-job support and the dual-customer relationship. Here's how we help businesses and individuals:

    For Individuals

    We provide a host of valuable services for individuals looking to expand their careers. First, we start with our Career Assessment Program in which we as a team seek to understand an individual's strengths, interests and abilities to design a "Career Road Map" that is realistic, informed, data-driven, verified, and locally crafted. From there, we either move to Job Development, which means we work with employers to develop a career opportunity or path to gainful employment that aligns with the person's needs. Or before hitting the market, individuals can develop their soft and hard skills while gaining real-world experience in one of our Sector-Based Training programs (currently offering training in Retail and Point-of-Sale System Training, Healthcare/Hospitality, Office Support). We have developed unique partnerships with various companies to supply individuals for Internships such as Data Analysis, Electrical Component Assembly, Office Support at BAE Systems, and many more. We always provide follow-along and on-the-job support for when a placement or internship occurs. From start to finish, we are there. 

    PLUS Employer Value:


    FY 2015 Nashua, New Hampshire Region Breakdown of Placements by Agency

    Source: NH Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) 2015 FY


    Video Resumes

    The PLUS Company, Inc. utilizes the power of video to present qualified candidates in a more interactive and engaging way. All of our Sector-Based Trainees graduate from their respective training programs with new skills, experiences, and knowledge, but also a Video Resume highlighting their major accomplishments with an opportunity to let their personalities shine through.  Employers from all industries love the video resume because it tells a story better than a paper resume ever could and it also helps you further evaluate a candidate's potential fit for your organization. Take a look at our collection of Video Resumes to see for yourself.


    The PLUS Company, Inc. provides a host of other services for individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries,

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