No-cost Recruitment and On-Site Support Services (Supported Employment)

The PLUS Company provides no cost recruitment services for businesses seeking to fill part-time or full-time entry-level positions in the Retail, Office/Administration, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Light Manufacturing sectors, to name a few. We work with your team to understand your hiring needs and then identify how we can assist with supporting your organization. We provide quality, pre-screened candidates, work with you throughout the hiring and on-boarding process, and setup each employer with a PLUS Career Trainer to work one-on-one with individuals throughout their training and beyond.

What is Supported Employment?

It is defined as services that assist an individual with obtaining and maintaining employment through Career Training and person-centered approaches. This means that we vet all of our job seekers through a flexible process called Customized Employment, whereas The PLUS Company, Inc. seeks to understand an individual's strengths, needs, interests, through various assessment tools, interviewing, internships, job shadowing, informational interviewing, and programs such as the Career Assessment Program or Sector-Based Training programs. By working with an employer to understand their hiring needs we then determine how the individual can positively impact their business through customized employment proposals, job placement, and on-site support known as Career Training, all while simultaneously meeting the goals and needs of the individual and the employer.

Workforce Solutions | Career Training

What is Career Training?

Career Training is an insurance policy for ensuring retention and success on the job. Career Trainers provide on-site training and support for both short and long term. Through a process of systematic instruction, performance measurement, developing natural supports, implementing task analyses, and gradually fading overtime until the individual is independent on the job has proven to be the winning recipe for success.

In a nutshell, we ensure placements are a success by:

1. A process of discovery and understanding of both the individual and the employer

2. Making the right job match

3. Providing on-site support and training for the individual

4. Making Continuous improvements and fading support to achieve independence


Workforce Solutions | On Demand Temporary Services

We provide short and long-term On Demand group contract workers in areas such as Assembly, Kitting, Packaging, Cleaning, Light Industrial and more. We are the most reliable group workers you can hire because we provide transportation of the group and manage daily staffing teams. We are also the most cost-effective solution because we are a non-profit agency, meaning we have no surcharges or fees - all payments go directly to the workers wages and maintaining overhead expenses.


Workforce Solutions | Training to Meet Demand

Sector-Based Training Programs

The PLUS Company, pioneers of Sector-Based Training, offer real-world career experiences through combined on-the-job training and classroom instruction in collaboration with Sodexo, St. Joseph Hospital, Lowell General Hospital, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, and UMASS Lowell. Interns develop transferable hard and soft skills, meaningful work experiences, social development, confidence building and typically land a job immediately following graduation. The training programs are designed to meet the demand of local businesses by providing interns with the skills they need to be successful in today's global economy.

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Why Hiring People With Disabilities Benefits Your Company

Hiring an individual with disabilities benefits organizations by: reducing hiring and training costs, improving retention with entry-level positions, improving workplace culture, increasing overall productivity by shifting repetitive tasks allowing senior staff to focus on mission critical activities.

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